Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tri-Tone Perfecta

It's Christmas day and all through the house...

my phone is dinging.  With text messages from numbers I don't have in my phone.  Wtf?  The first one was from the 806 area code and basically said "merry Xmas" etc.  I just looked it up and that's in the TX, Amarillo/Lubbock area.  I know of one person in Lubbock but we've never met or talked; she's a friend of a friend.

Next I got a text from someone in the 505.  It says "cute picture".  Huh?  I figure I might know this person as I'm also in the 505, and how unlikely is it that someone in the 505 misdial my number (an 802)?  I reply "who is this?"  Answer: "Michael".

Okay, so I do know a Michael here, but I haven't specifically given him my number, nor are we phone/texting buddies, nor are we buddies at all.  We run in some similar circles and I smile at him when I see him, despite the fact that he creeps me out.  I asked "terribly sorry, which Michael?"  (I do know a few, though not from 505.)  No answer.

Oooooookay.  Then I get a picture message from 503 area code, which is Portland, OR.  Excellent as I've heard it is there, I don't think I know anyone from Portland.  I also don't recognize the red headed kid in the photo.  There is no response when I ask who it is, making me think that these are some kind of fishing attempt, creepy though that is. 

The only one I question is the 505 where I did actually get some kind of response, though it's also the creepiest cuz... what picture?  I found this site, which I think is pretty cool:  It dials the phone number you put in, doesn't say anything to the answer but records what is on the other line.  When calling the 505, I received generic phone woman saying I'd reached 505#######.  At the tone leave a... and that's where my complimentary 10 second recording cut off.

Text scams?  Likely.  To what end I'm not sure, but seriously how has humanity come to a point where bugging people on Christmas day with fake text messages is acceptable?  I want more from humanity than this.

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