Stupid Things That Are Said to Me- not creepy but I went "Huh?"

Riding home on the Central bus, I watched blood drip from the elbow of a woman falling asleep and spilling her coke onto the seat next to her.
"Wha-re yeh gonna plant a garden?" I hear above me.  Looking up I see a thin man with greying hair looking down at me.
"Where am I going to plant a garden?" I ask.  Bizzare thing to ask.
"Nuh, yeh gonna plant one?" with laughing eyes, he gestured to my bag of groceries, on top of which there were bagged carrots and parsley.
"oh," I say "no, these are for eating."

I was walking in Nob Hill Thursday night with Bernier.  We'd just finished eating massive amounts of animal at Streetfood Asia and by walking around, we were trying to circumvent the urge to act like two pythons after sharing a meaty hippo.
A vehicle drove past us, and in general urban fashion the inhabitants chose to share what was on their minds with us.  Surprisingly, these inhabitants were female.  And the message they chose to share as they flew past was "Work it Girl!" -Huh?  Seriously?

"My wife has a dress JUST like that!  Except, well, it has a round neck.  And it has long sleeves.  And it's a different color... "

*At the gym*
I'm adjusting the leg extension machine.  The owner says to me "Oh, you know how to do that!"  Me: "What?  You mean... unscrewing this and moving it up?  Um... yeah."