Friday, September 2, 2011

Going My Way?

After the recent burglary, my newest discovery is that, whoever it was, stole all my dance shoes. Of course I discover this on my way to dance. Aside: these people were fucking nuts. Seriously, payless sneakers with leather glued to the bottom? I pick out a pair of worn down soles and leave the house.

I'm making my way towards Central and notice a red pickup with a red cap drive opposite me. A block later the same red pick up with the same red cap pulls alongside the curb. "You need a ride?" the man asks.

Ok, so what is he doing? I guess I mistakenly assume that driving is a means of getting someplace. But clearly if he has turned his car around to meet up with someone going the opposite direction as him, he has other goals. Sadly, this doesn't seem uncommon. I've noticed multiple vehicles do the same now that I'm waiting for my newest cultural experience on the 66. Not all of them could just be lost. They must have GPS for women who are alone.

"Turn left.  You have reached your destination in... 300 feet. Recalculating. ... Make a U turn when possible. Continue 100 feet. Your potential conquest is on the right."

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